"Get back here now victor you are so dead "
―Abraham Richardson [src]
Abraham Richardson
Known aliases: Uncle father brother

The Vampire Brother(By Victor )

Location: The Richardson Manison
Known relatives: Elizabeth Báthory (Lover)
Paul Richardson (son)
Andrew Richardson (son)
Carl Richardson (son)
Anna Richardson (daughter)
unborn twin babies (son and daughter)
Edward Richardson (Brother)
Cordeila Richardson (Sister-in-law)
Alexandra Richardson (Niece)
Nicholas Richardson (nephew)
Mark Richardson (nephew)
Ella Richardson (niece)
Unborn baby (nephew or Neice)
Year of birth: 22 June 1966
Year of death:
Signature weapon: Swords and Guns
First appearance: The Vampire Knight
Portrayed by: Jamie Campbell Bower


The Vampire KnightEdit

The Vampire Knight:The night of the vampiresEdit

The Vampire Knight:The Nightmare RisesEdit


  • Edward your daughter in mourning about her ex-boyfriend she need her parents with her


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In The Vampire Knight:The night of the vampiresEdit

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