Alice Nightingale is a character in Scream 5 and Scream: The Murder Mystery and is best friends with Hayley McDonald and Marcie Perkins. She
Alice Nightingale

Abigail Breslin plays Alice Nightingale in the original series

is also the sister of Emily Nightingale and Rachel Nightingale. She dies in tractor harrows is same one Jamie Lloyd dies in Halloween 6 and Alice was stab in heart by Trixie Sango as Ghostface but miss, she was ripped apart by tractor harrows and died in hospital when Fifi Mone try to save her life. In The Secrets of Lauren Malloy, Detective Frank Nightingale is Alice's uncle.


Carrie White 2013 Remake Remake

Chloe Moretz plays Alice Nightinglae in the remake of Scream 5


  • Uncle (First word to Frank when Alice was ghost)


Abigail Breslin play her character's corpse when Fifi Mone and Hayley McDonald found her body in the shed.