Carrie 3: The New Blood is a 2014 supernatural Horror Film and is the sequel of the 1976 horror film, Carrie and the 1999 horror film, The Rage: Carrie 2, starring Shantel VanSanten, Abigail Breslin, Julia Roberts, Sean Faris, Carlo Marks, Jason London, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Leah Pipes, Alan Rickman and Natalie Portman.


Vivian Howard is a shy, friendless teenage student who gets bullied at her school by the perf popular group which consists of Claire Stevensen, Heather Lockwood and Sadie Edwards. Lucy Tatum tries to help Vivian through her high school life and convinces her friend, Jared to take Vivian to the masquerade Ball that's being held at school. Claire, Heather and Sadie plan a way to humiliate Vivian at the masquerade ball by throwing dog food on her and tripping her on the ground so others can laugh at her. Vivian's rage gets the best of her and she uses her telekinetic powers to lock everyone in the school and kill them.


Shantel VanSanten as Lucy Tatum/A tomboy who is very nice to people and helps Vivian.

Abigail Breslin as Vivian Howard/Olivia and Ralph's daughter and Carrie and Rachel's half sister who has telekinetic powers.

Julia Roberts as Olivia Howard/Vivian's mother and Ralph's ex-wife.

Sean Faris as Jared Carterson/Lucy's friend who takes Vivian to the Masquerade ball.

Carlo Marks as Jake Bernard/Jared's best friend and Claire's boyfriend.

Jason London as Jesse Ryan/The survivor of Mark Bing's house party from The Rage: Carrie 2 and Lucy's teacher.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Claire Stevensen/Leader of the new perf popular group at school who bullies Vivian, along with her friends, Heather and Sadie and she is also Jake's girlfriend.

Leah Pipes as Heather Lockwood/Member of the perf popular group at school who also bullies Vivian.

Alan Rickman as Lee Barker/Vivian's adoptive father.

Natalie Portman as Sadie Edwards/Member of the perf popular group at school who also bullies Vivian.


Lucy Tatum, Jared Carterson, Jesse Ryan, Olivia Howard and Lee Barker.


Jake Bernard-Vivian telepathically locks Jake's head between two doors and decapitates him.

Heather Lockwood-Vivian telepathically slashes Heather across her throat with a sword.

Sadie Edwards-Sadie tries to run away, but she accidentally falls over a stair railing and breaks her head.

Claire Stevensen-Vivian uses her telekinesis to make a costume banner fall on Claire's chest and crushes her.

Random person- Vivian uses her powers to bash the persons head on the floor over and over again until the head opens.

Teacher- Vivian twists the teachers head all the way.

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