Chloe Roberts

Mia Talerico playing Chloe Roberts

Chloe Lexi Roberts
was adopted by Nathan Roberts and his wife Sandra Roberts after Chloe's mother Laurie Gibson was murder by Nick Hooper after give birth to her. In White Angel: Dark Blood, Lauren and Danny found out Chloe is Nick, Jr's daughter and make Nick as her grandfather.


Chloe was born to Laurie Gibson before she was murder by Nick Hooper. The next day, her uncle Danny Gibson and his lover, Amelia Roberts went to the house and saw Laurie dead in the car. Amelia's mother, Sandra Roberts find a baby and she wish her name is Chloe. Nathan found his wife with Laurie's child, Amelia was not sure about her mother's choice, Sandra wanted adopted the baby and named her name, Chloe.


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