Danielle Simpsons

Danielle Simpsons

Danielle Simpsons is a popular student at her sister's school and is the sister of Emily Simpsons.

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Danielle Simpsons is a popular student at Ewen High school. She is a tomboy who loves spending time with the Spur Posse, which consists of Mark Bing, Eric Stark, Jesse Ryan, Brad Winters and Chuck Potter. She is also good friends with Monica Jones and Tracy Campbell. She and her friends enjoy gossping about Rachel Lang. The spur posse come up with a way to get even with her for turning in Eric, eventhough he was set free. Mark Bing decided to have a house party at his house to humiliate Rachel, but things went wrong and a lot of people were murdered by Rachel. Danielle couldn't attend the party, but she heard the explosion and went to see. She found her sister, Emily alive, but injured. She helped Rachel after a basketball board fell on her, and she, Rachel and Jesse left town together to hide Rachel in a disguise until the gossip about Rachel cools down. Danielle is now under suspision and is being interviewed by police. Detective Goldsmith tries to get answers from her, but she remains in shock from all of the trauma.

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