Dennis Smith
Known aliases: Denny (by Crystal)
Location: 11 Murphy Avenue
Known relatives: Crystal Smith (mother)
Mason Smith (father)
Daniel Smith (brother)
Alice Smith (sister)
Andrew Smith (brother)
Year of birth: 22 June 1992
Year of death:
Signature weapon: Gun and Winchester rifle
First appearance: Slender man
Portrayed by: Matt Bennett


Slender ManEdit

Slender Man 2:the birthdayEdit


Slender ManEdit


  • i saw a bdsm movie the mistress was hot and i mean very hot (talking with Charles and Paul)
  • alice get away from that thing and come here now (getting his sister away from slender man)
  • Andrew it ok my little brother stop crying your ok Paul pass me his blanket and his bottle Charles he had a nightmare again about that faceless figure and (wrapping his brother in his blanket and feeding him with a bottle and talking with Charles and Paul)
  • hey I was playing rayman and sonic and I saw the slenderman but I flip him the bird (talking with his friends and his brother)
  • Charles Alice nose is bleeding can you past me the tissues (holding his sister and getting tissues and wiping her nose with it)
  • I got a recording camera so we can get slender man and I ran him over with my car (talking to his friends)
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