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Matthew Knight plays Ethan Carisa in the original Scream series

Ethan Carsia is the hero of the Scream series. He is the father of Hayley Mitchell, son of Chris and Tami Carsia, grandson of Luke and Phoebe Mone, brother of Annie Carsia, nephew of Drake, Lizzy, Julie, Robert, and Emily Mone, and cousin of Fifi, Mimi, Sally, Samantha, Mike, Jimmy, Luna, Crystal, Tommy Mone, and Cami Watson. He has a crush on Hayley McDonald and is friends with Brianna Albertson. He also formed a team called Team Albertson in Scream: TNG 8. He was killed by Lauren Malloy, but he is seen in Scream: The Return of Ethan Carsia talking to his little sister, Annie Carsia, and Brianna thought she was going crazy again.
Ethan Carisa remake

Joel Courtney plays Ethan Carsia in the remake Scream series




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