Fifi Mone

Emma Bell plays Fifi Mone in the original series

Fifi Mone (Full Name: Felica Alexandra Mone; Real Name: Angel Stewart) is the heroine of the Scream series and was the Ghostface killer.


She is the birth daughter of Wen and Destiny Stewart, adopted daughter of Drake and Lizzy Mone, adopted granddaughter of Luke and Phoebe Mone, birth sister of Hope Stewart, adopted sister of Sally, Samantha, Mike, Luna, and Jimmy Mone, alter ego of Mimi Mone, adopted niece of Julie, Robert and Emily Mone, and Chris and Tami Carsia, and adoted cousin of Crystal and Tommy Mone, Ethan and Annie Carsia and Cami Watson. She survived from the gun shot. In Scream 5, she was kidnapped by Trixie and Sally along with Brooke McDonald.


Fifi Mone remake

Jennifer Lawrence plays Fifi Mone in the remake series




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