Final Destination 2 is a supernatural-horror film starring Sarah Roemer, Katharine McPhee, James Marsden, Jennifer Carpenter, Shawn Ashmore, Carrie Anne Moss, Ryan Kwanten, Sterling Knight, Wesley Jonathan, Eva Mendes, Samuel L. Jackson and Daniel Samonas


Kimberly Corman, a teenager who cheats Death after having a premonition of herself and others perishing in a horrific pile-up and uses it by saving herself and a handful of other people, but is continued to be stalked by Death by claiming back their lives which should have been lost in the pile-up.


Sarah Roemer as Clear Rivers

Katharine McPhee as Kimberly Corman

James Marsden as Thomas Burke

Jennifer Carpenter as Kat Jennings

Shawn Ashmore as Rory Peters

Carrie Anne Moss as Nora Carpenter

Ryan Kwanten as Evan Lewis

Sterling Knight as Tim Carpenter

Wesley Jonathan as Eugene Dix

Eva Mendes as Isabella Hudson

Samuel L. Jackson as William Bludworth

Daniel Samonas as Brian Gibbons

Death's KillingsEdit

Evan- Fire-escape ladder slides down and impales him through his eye

Tim- Glass pane crushes him

Nora- Decapitated by an elevator door

Kat- Pipe impales her head

Rory- A barbed wire slices him into pieces

Eugene- A huge explosion throughout Eugene's hospital room

Clear- A huge explosion throughout Eugene's hospital room

Brian- Incinerated due to a barbecue grill malfunction

Kimberly- Hacked to bits by a faulty woodchipper

Thomas- Hacked to bits by a faulty woodchipper


Evan Lewis

Tim Carpenter

Nora Carpenter

Kat Jennings

Rory Peters

Eugene Dix

Brian Gibbons

Kimberly Corman

Thomas Burke


Isabella Hudson and William Bludworth


Clear was on Flight 180's Death's List and Isabella is not on Death's List

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