Grave Encounters 3 is a 2015 Horror found footage movie that will be shot in Digital 3D and the 3rd installment film in the Grave Encounters franchise. Unlike the first two films the setting will take place in a different mental asylum. The film stars Justin Welborn, Amanda Crew, Dianna Agron, Michael B. Jordan, Jean Luc-Bilodeau, Chris Zylka, Jared Padalecki, Bobby Campo, Amber Stevens, Logan Henderson, Teresa Palmer, Travis Van Winkle, and Norman Reedus.


Something has awakened.


12 college students who are obsessed with paranormal activity decide to go into an old abandon hospital to find out if ghosts are real on Halloween night. Once they walk in the hospital they are locked in until next morning. When they get locked in they are caught in a twisted game of Cat and Mouse when they are stalked and killed by ghost and demons one by one so they can never let mortals in the hospital.


Justin Welborn as Steve Russell - The protagonist of the film. He is the leader of the group of college students and a hardcore horror movie fan. Steve is a serious but fun spirited teen who believes in ghostly figures and paranormal activity just like the rest of his friends. Steve brings gasoline and lighters to the ghost hunt so if he finds a ghost he'll burn down the hospital. He is the boyfriend of Tiffany and the older brother of Chelsea Russell. On Halloween night, Him and his friends decide to trespass inside an old abandon hospital to look for demonic spirits, eat some take out food, and get intoxicated on beer. When him and his friends get stuck in the hospital, ghosts and demons start to awaken to keep them out of the hospital. He knows a lot of background of the hospital like who ever enters the hospital dies.

Amanda Crew as Chelsea Russell - The secondary protagonist of the film. She is a pretty self described tomboy who likes participating in guy type activities. Chelsea loves partying and having a fun time more than anything. She tags along in her brother's journey to look for ghosts on Halloween night. She is the girlfriend of Kevin Roberts and best friends with Cheryl. It will be revealed that she will the only survivor in this film. Chelsea doesn't really believe in ghosts and just wants to prove to Clay and the others that ghosts are just hoaxes.

Dianna Agron as Amy - She is a smart and pretty blonde haired 18 year old girl who tags along on Steven's journey. Amy is a sophisticated girl who always has tricks up her sleeve. She is the girlfriend with Nick. Her personality is girly and party going because she does girly things that other teenage girls would do and her most favorite activity is partying. Amy likes wearing stuff like skirts, collared shirts, and knee socks and at times wears clothes that show off her sexy body to show men that she is an attractive girl.

Michael B. Jordan as Julien - He is a brave and tough black college student who is not scared of anything and best friends with Steven. Julien is hard worker who will do anything to have a fun time with his friends. The reason Julien is best friends with Clay is because they both believe in ghosts and demonic figures. Julien has can never take anything seriously even if it bothers those around him.

Jean Luc-Bilodeau as Chet - Chet is nerdy but loving college student who tags along on Steven's journey to find ghosts. Chet is an up going student who always tags along on his friends journey's so they he can have a fun time with them. Chet has a fun spirited personality and likes doing stunts and hardcore things day and night even if it gets him into trouble. He is like most of his friends because he believes in ghosts and demonic spirits. He might be a coward to look for ghosts but will always be there for a friend.

Chris Zylka as Nick - He is the boyfriend of Amy and close friends with Steven's. Nick has a party going personality who believes in whatever his friends believe in even if its a bad influence on peer pressure. Nick will always have fun and loves partying even if it makes him a mischief. His future and goal is to catch ghostly figures on tape and become a rich and famous man. He can be a bully at times but has a big heart on the inside.

Jared Padalecki as Justin - He is a close friend of Steve who goes on his journey to the hospital to find spirits and ghosts. Justin is a smart, adventurous, and cultured college student who likes participating on his friends ideas. Justin is the one who sets up all cameras in the hospital and does all the work while his friends go around the hospital looking for the ghosts. Justin is always okay with doing all the work while his friends do the fun stuff he keeps guard of police officers to not kick them out.

Bobby Campo as Ronnie - He is a fun spirited student who tags along on Steven's ghost hunting journey who can't take anything seriously. Ronnie is a mischievous college student who loves partying more than anything else. Even if someone tells him to stop doing reckless things he just keeps going on and doing any raunchy or reckless thing he could do whenever he wants to do it. Clay doesn't really like Ronnie because he cant take anything seriously but Clay likes the other students.

Amber Stevens as Cheryl - She is a black tomboy who is best friends with Chelsea who goes on Steven's journey to find ghosts. She thanks its so ridiculous that her friends are going to hunt ghosts. It is mentioned that she wanted to go to one of her college friends Halloween party so she can have a fun time and not look for ghosts. But if Chelsea went ghost hunting so should she. Cheryl is really rude and impatient with Steven but has a closer friendship with the other college students. She is the love interest of Julien and she feels the same way about him. Her favorite activities are partying, having fun, and at times playing pranks.

Logan Henderson as Luke - He is best friends with Ronnie and Nick who loves hunting for ghosts. Instead of pulling pranks on Halloween he decides to go on a ghost hunt with all of his friends to awaken ghosts and catch them on film so he can be remembered for something and become a famous ghost hunter. It is revealed that his real named is Lucas but his friends call him Luke for short. He looks up to Cay as a brother because they have a tite friendship. Luke carries a little bit of a cowardly demeanor when it comes to ghostly figures and spirits.

Teresa Palmer as Tiffany Walters - She is the girlfriend of Steven Russell and the sister of Nathan along his journey to look for ghosts on Halloween night. Tiffany is a girly college student who loves participating in her boyfriend's activities. She has long beautiful blonde hair and that's what makes her attractive. She doesn't really like hanging around guys but hangs her friends that are females. Tiffany is shallow and bitchy but at times is friendly and loving.

Travis Van Winkle as Nathan Walters - Nathan is the brother of Tiffany and one of the friends of Clay. Nathan is an up going college student who will have a fun time day and night. He takes what he believes in seriously like paranormal activity. He is really serious about everything but can be a cool guy to have fun and hang out with. Nathan thanks supernatural figures and paranormal activity spirits just like most of his friends. He's is best friends with Justin because they see each other like brothers because they have a lot in common. Nathan is the second person who sets up the cameras in the hospital so they can check if they caught anyone or anything on tape.

Norman Reedus as Officer Stevens - Officer Stevens is a police officer who takes his job seriously and doesn't really like jokes. On Halloween night he tells a group of college students to stay out of an old abandon hospital that people say is haunted and that's why the college students want to go. Later on Halloween night, He notices that the college students didn't listen to him and went inside the hospital to find them and arrest them all for trespassing.

The antagonist of the filmEdit

The antagonists of the film is several ghosts and demons that haunt the hospital to scare human beings out so they can never been seen. The ghost's abilities are telekineissis, possessing humans, creating portals to hell, and controlling whatever is around them. Once the college students start their journey in the old abandon hospital they start haunting them and teaching them a lesson about how they should never prove that ghosts are real.


Officer Stevens - Killed by a ghost

Tiffany Walters - She was walking in a room with Julien, Luke, Anya, and Nathan looking for ghosts. Tiffany then heard noise coming from the room then she started getting scared. She said "who's out there". No one answered instead Officer Steven's corpse was thrown through a window. And then everyone ran to the door but the door was mysteriously shut by a ghost. Tiffany then backed up and when she did, barbed wire was wrapped around her neck and then was dragged by a ghost with the barbed wire around her neck. Tiffany told her friends to run while she is holding onto her bloody neck. Her friends obeyed her and ran out the room. Later Tiffany was dismembered from limb to limb.

Luke - After Tiffany was killed, Julien, Luke, Amy, and Nathan ran back to the others to tell them what happened. Luke was lost somewhere in the hospital and couldn't find his friends. He was yelling for his friends but no one could hear him. Then Luke heard footsteps coming from the hallway. He turned his camera from behind him and didn't see anything. Then Luke was mysteriously tripped by a demon and dragged by him by his leg. Luke was kicking and screaming for his friend and his friends could hear him. Before his friends could find and save Luke. The demon picked up Luke's camera and hit him in the face with the camera several times. Luke was dragged by the demon and was later found hanging from the ceiling with his guts hanging from the outside of his body.

Ronnie - Him and his friends heard Luke's scream's and went to check it out. Him, Clay, and Julien went to go check it out. Then he saw a trail of blood leading to a room. When he opened the door, A demon ran up to them and they all started running back to the others. The demon followed them to the others. He tried to catch up with his friends but the demon was to close to him. Then the demon dragged him by the leg which made him drop the camera and the demon closed the door before anyone could save Ronnie. Then when Clay opened the door Ronnie and the demon was gone.

Amy - She was sobbing in fear for the disappearances of her friends while she is walking down a hallway with the others. Then all of a sudden she stood still with her eyes wide open and was speaking talking to someone that the others couldn't see and was saying a native demonic language. Nick walked up to her and told her if she's all right. Then Amy fell to the ground and started shaking and screeching because she got possessed by a demon. She kept screeching and running into the walls. A few seconds later she fell to the ground and died. They walked up to her and and saw blood coming from her shirt. When they ripped her shirt off the word Satan was carved in her chest. Then Amy grabbed Nick's leg which frightened him and then Clay kicked her in the head which killed Amy.

Nick - After Amy grabbed Nick's leg, That caused Nick's leg to break. He fell to the ground and sobbed in pain. Justin helped him up and wrapped his arm around his shoulder and helped him walk. Then a ghost popped out of a window behind Nick and Justin and grabbed Nick. The ghost pulled Nick outside the window and ripped open his head and threw him the ground and started chasing the others around the hospital until Clay closed a door on the ghost before she could kill one of them.

Cheryl - She was trying to find a way out and split up with the others and said she won't come back for them when she finds a way out. She walked away from them in anger and went down a hallway to find an exit. She picked up a camera and told the viewers that this is ridiculous that she is ghost hunting on Halloween night. Then when she looked down the hallway she saw a figure walk by. She yelled down to see who it is. Then she heard people talking down the hallway. She walked down the hallway to see who's talking. When she made it to the end of the hall and turned her head to the side. She saw doctors delivering a baby. Then all of the doctors stared at her and made a demonic face at her and then grabbed her. Cheryl was later found gutted and pinned to the wall with nails in her hands, head, and feet.

Nathan Walters - When he was chasing for Cheryl saying they have to stick together, He didn't know where he was and saw lighted candles and written demonic native language in a room. He was thanking to himself how wired it is. Then a ghost walked up in front of him and grabbed him by the neck then threw him through a window. Later he was found hanging from a tree with chains around his neck and the number 666 carved in his chest.

Justin - Him and his other friends that survived go back to there sight, to look for the gasoline to burn down the hospital. All of a sudden a chair was thrown past his face. He looked up and said if it was Julien, Clay, Chelsea, and Chet. They all said no. Then chairs, tables, and other objects was being thrown across the room by a poltergeist. They all crawled on the floor to avoid being hit by an object. When Justin tried to make it to a nearby door he was picked up by a spirit and thrown through a nearby window and was later found on the car windshield covered in blood and glass.

Chet - When him, Chelsea, Julien, and Clay made it out of the poltergeist. Clay poured buckets of gasoline all over the floorboards and walls before lighting a match. The fire started getting all over the floors and ceiling and the cameras started moving mysteriously. Then he Chet tried to back up but the fire was spreading all over the room. Then a ghost snuck up behind him and suffocated him by wrapping a cloth around his neck. Chet started rising and then the ghost hung him from the ceiling with the cloth still around his neck.

Julien - The fire alarm went off which made the water sprinklers turn on and made the fire stop. Then Julien slipped since the floorboards were wet. He yelled in pain and everything stopped. Then he heard moaning sounds coming from around the room. When he looked up he saw a little ghost girl crawling near her making moaning noises. He told his friends to run and they did. Julien started crawling away from the ghost girl and then the girl grabbed his leg and screeched in his face. The ghost grabbed his head and bashed his head on the floor several times until blood dripped from his head and his skull cracked open which made him get killed.

Clay Russell - After they obeyed Julien and ran, Clay said to his camera vowed to be his last words and said someone should find his tape. His sister was sobbing in fear from all the murders of her friends. Him and Chelsea ran downstairs to the basement to see if there was an exit. When they went down to basement they saw all their friend's corpses. Then they saw a trail of organs and blood leading to a side of the wall. When the looked up at the wall a demon was on the ceiling making a loud screeching. Clay and Chelsea ran back up the stairs to avoid being killed. The demon ran up the stairs and tackled Clay and Chelsea to the ground and their was off screen pandemonium. Later the next day, Chelsea survived but Clay died from last nights chaos.

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