Jennifer finds Bree's Corpse

Jennifer Voorhees is the half sister of Jason Voorhees, Daughter of Elias Voorhees and Elisa Castle.


Jennifer Voorhees was born Dec 13 1992 and was adopted by Elias Voorhees on 1994. She grew up with her adoptive father in a house near camp crystal lake until on 1996 her adoptive father was killed by Pamela Voorhees and she grew up without knowing her true identity.

Friday the 13th Part 2Edit

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Young Jennifer

Jennifer first appered walking alone to here home and see the Sutton's Vacation House where she see Bree's Corpse and Screams. She is next seen cooking and she hear someone knocking the door and screaming and it was Clay Miller and Whitney Miller. She ask both of them and tell them that they were being stalked by a man (Jason Voorhees). Jennifer bring both Whitney and Clay to their room. An Flashback of the Young Jennifer witnessing her adoptive father's death. Jennifer is next seen sleeping in her room until Jason breaks the glasses and was to stab Jennifer until Jennifer wake up and its all a dream. Jennifer goes down and finds Jason walking around the house and Jennifer hides. Jennifer runs to Clay and Whitney's room and tells them to wake up and there is her brother. Clay and Whitney tell Jennifer that Jason is the one who trys to kill them. Jennifer with Clay and Whitney escapes where they find corpses (Derek, Ian and Vincent's Corpse) and they find Danni and Mason but before they escape Danni was killed after having her back impaled with machete. Mason who was angry stabs Jason in chest. Mason walks to the van but Jason runs to Mason and slashed his throat. Before they escape Clay Miller throws an acid on Jason which causes him to be immortal. Clay, Whitney and Jennifer Escapes and while they are traveling Bree's Corpse fell on their car and Clay, Whitney and Jennifer scream.

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