Revenge of Chucky is a fan-fiction sequel to the movie Curse of Chucky and finale to the Child's play series.


The film picks up seconds after the end of the previous film, where a grown up Andy Barclay has just killed Chucky by shooting him in the face at close range. As Andy makes sure Chucky is dead, he turns on the fireplace to incinerate his remains. Before he can do so however, he gets a knock on the door and meets Tiffany. She reveals to Andy that he is Chucky's "wife" (Andy never heard of the events of Bride or Seed of Chucky) and holds him gunpoint. She then demands to be shown the remains of Chucky so she can revive him or she will kill Andy. When Andy refuses to tell her, Tiffany reveals a voodoo doll of Andy and steps on the stomach with her high heels. Although in pain, Andy refuses to talk. Tiffany admits she is enjoying this and urges him to keep up his resistance as she picks the doll up and begins to squeeze it. When Andy still refuses to talk, Tiffany throws the gun up and punches Andy in the face, knocking him down. She catches the gun as it comes back down and squeezes the doll tighter. Andy still refuses to talk and she keeps squeezing it until she spots Chucky sticking out of a drawer and Andy trips her while she is distracted looking at Chucky. The two briefly fight until she kicks Andy in the face, knocking him out (Tiffany's unarmed fighting skills have clearly improved since becoming a human again). When Andy comes to, he finds himself tied up in a chair and is forced to watch while Tiffany brings Chucky back from the dead. Chucky wakes up, thanks Tiffany for bringing him back again and turns his attention to Andy. He is upset that Andy didn't bother to have a good conversation and proper reunion together and that killing him right now is far too nice. He explains that since he either played a role or directly killed Chucky 4 times, he is going to murder 4 of Andy's most loved people he has known and finally get his revenge.  The first one up is Mike Norris, the man who killed Chucky when he was a human and directly killed Chucky at his first death as a doll (he comments he is looking forward to that part the most). The next is Kyle, Andy's foster mother who helped Andy kill Chucky in his second death back at the Play Pals Toy Factory ( he also comments that he liked the head they blew up). The third is Kristen De Slivia, Andy's girlfriend back in Chucky's third killing spree whom are revealed to now be married.  Tiffany comments that it's "romantic" and blows a kiss to Chucky who blows a kiss back. The fourth and final victim will be Karen Barclay, Andy's Mother as the grand finale. Andy threatens to dismember Chucky very slowly if he doesn't let him go but Chucky simply ignores his threats. Tiffany also reveals what she will be doing: she will murder Jesse and Jade, the protagonists when Tiffany was first a doll and were ultimately responisble for Chucky's death back then. Just then, a text message on Andy's phone reveals that Kristen is on her way to visit, much to Chucky's delight who decides to move her to the first victim. Kristin then goes in the house and walks around looking for Andy while Chucky sneaks up on Kristin. She is about to be attacked by Chucky when Andy shouts at Kristin that Chucky is behind her.

Kristin dodges Chucky's attack, grabs his knife and stabs him in the shoulder with it, giving her time to escape.Tiffany then realizes that she forgot to put duct tape on Andy, much to Chucky's anger. Chucky and Tiffany go after Kristin, but she enters the garage and locks the door. By the time they break through, Kristin is already driving away and calling Karen about Chucky's return. They go back to Andy's room and begin arguing with each other about Kristin's escape. Andy then proceeds to taunt Tiffany, causing her to go ballistic and nearly beat Andy to death. Entertained, Chucky lets her do this until he orders her to stop, noting he hasn't suffered enough yet. Chucky and Tiffany then begin their killing spree heading after Mike. Chucky then leaves a tied up and severly beaten Andy in the closet and tells him he is going to lock the bodies in his room one at a time, so Andy will have a bit of time to mourn for them. After taking Andy's car, he and Tiffany drive toward the house of Mike Norris and edventually locate him. Tiffany is then grabbed by a man who tries to rape her. Tiffany easily knocks the man down and crushes his throat with her high heels. She then leaves Chucky in a package at the door and Mike takes it. When he opens it up and looks inside, Chucky says "hi i'm Chucky wanna play?", scaring him. Mike tries to get his gun, but Chucky stops him from doing it and holds him at gunpoint with it. Chucky and Mike have a conversational reunion where Chucky voices his intentions of killing him and everyone else Andy loves and then kill Andy right after. Mike retaliates by revealing he is wearing a wire and that Karen had warned him about Chucky earlier. He had brought the wire to expose Chucky's plans to everyone else to prepare them. Realizing this, he shoots Mike through the chest similarly how he did it to him as Charles Lee Ray. Chucky prepares to leave a Bleeding and dying Mike for dead after telling him that his death is in vain and that today is the day that Chucky will finally win and get revenge. Before Chucky leaves, His final request is asking Chucky where he is holding Andy and as he answers the question, he realizes that people are still listening on the wire and that he has just given away Andy's location. Mike tells Chucky that Jesse and Jady are on their way to the house now. Mike then taunts Chucky with a final smile and an enraged Chucky shoots Mike in the heart (similar to how he did to Chucky in the first film) killing him. Jesse and Jade arrive at the house and find the tied up and beat up Andy after they hear him. Once they untie Andy, they introduce themselves as Jesse and Jade and Andy introduces himself. Andy is saddened at Mike's death but vows that it will not be in vain. As they begin to leave, Tiffany shows up and attacks them. Andy is too injured to fight so Jesse and Jade take over for him. Jesse is stabbed in the stomach during this and Tiffany them remembers the voodoo doll. She grabs the doll and holds it hostage, threatening to slit the doll's throat. Jeese manages to stab Tiffany in the leg, causing her to drop the doll and Jade to kick her out the door while she is distracted.

A wounded Tiffany flees out the door, telling them this isn't over yet. Andy tries to catch Tiffany, but loses her. Meanwhile, Chucky has arrived that Kristen's place and looks for Kristin, ready to kill her. However, Chucky is surprised to find her already dead and a letter that says "like it daddy?". As Chucky realizes the meaning of this, he then hears a noise behind him and turns around. He sees that it's the human Glenda, his daughter from Seed of Chucky. Chucky is thrilled to see her killing and disregards the fact that he wanted to kill Kristin. He then asks where she has been all this time, she replies that she wanted to make her apperance sudden and surprising. This further entertains Chucky who then explains to her what he is trying to do and Glenda agrees to join in on the fun. Tiffany then comes in and informs them of the escape of Andy and her failure. Chucky then offers Glenda the opportunity to meet his nemesis but prefers that he be brought in alive if possible. Glenda then replies that she prefers to kill, but Tiffany (who is thrilled to see Glenda here) then decides to have her kill Karen, Andy's mother. Glenda agrees and Chucky gives her the address. Although wounded from her previous encounter, Tiffany goes to watch Glenda kill Karen and Chucky goes after Kyle. Jesse, Jade and Andy discuss what Chucky and Tiffany will be planning now that Mike is dead and Jesse gets a text from an unknown number that they need to head to Karen and Kyle house right away. Andy goes to save her mother while Jade and Jesse go get Kyle. However, Chucky has already arrived at Kyle's location but Jack Sandos, Mike's partner from the first film is guarding her. Chucky manages to sneak up on Jack and strangle him to death, similar to how he tried to do it the first time. Kyle is caught by surprise and subdued by Chucky who proceeds to tie her up in a wheelchair. When she awakens, Chucky reveals that he intends to stick a air hose that he brought with him to her mouth and cause her head to explode just like she did it to him. He is killing off all his old enemies in the same way they did to him. First, for making him replace his hand with a knife in their encounter, he cuts off Kyle's hand. When Kyle begins screaming loudly, Chucky crushes her larynx, making her unable to talk. Chucky is about to cut off both her legs (in the encounter with Kyle, he had to cut off both his legs to escape a doll dismembering machine) when Jesse and Jade arrive and he skips the legs. Chucky then calls to them from upstairs, turns on the hose and yells "heads up!" just as Kyle's head explodes offscreen, killing her. Jade and Jesse are absolutely horrified to see her headless corpse and Chucky jumps on Jesse. Jade tries to get Chucky off of Jesse but Chucky manages to stab Jesse in the chest. Jade proceeds to throw Chucky out of the window and goes to a dying Jesse.

Jade and Jesse have a final romantic kiss together before Jade breaks down crying as Jesse dies and Chucky runs off. . Meanwhile Glenda and Tiffany have arrived at Karen's apartment and they greet Karen at her door. Karen, now knowing about Tiffany, takes out a gun to shoot her. However, Tiffany is faster and snaps the arm she uses to take out the gun. Tiffany watches Glenda mentally torment Karen about how she is going to kill her. She edventually decides to throw her out the window since they are 14 stories high. Karen slaps Glenda when she reveals that Mike is dead and Glenda proceeds to open the window. She looks down to make sure they are high enough, whispers something to Karen and throws her out of the window, screaming all the way down. Andy also arrives at their location but is too late to prevent Karen from falling. As she falls out, Chucky appears behind Andy and knocks him out with a baseball bat before he can react. When Andy comes to, he finds himself inside a chemical factory, tied up on a chair again with Glenda, Chucky and Tiffany in front of him. With all 4 people that he loves the most are dead, Chucky explains that he intends to push Andy off the catwalk in the chemicals so that he will be boiled to death, thus completing his revenge. Andy does not say a word and Tiffany proceeds to ask him why he won't speak. He replies by telling Chucky to look behind him and as he does so, he sees a very pissed off Jade with a gun. Jade demands that Chucky let Andy go or she will shoot Tiffany to death. Before Chucky can reach a decsion on what to do, Tiffany reveals that the gun is loaded with blanks and she let it near her. Jade doesn't believe that and shoots her in the leg, but it doesn't do anything, revealing that her gun is harmless. Chucky is about to attack Jade when he is suddenly impaled through the stomach with a metal pole. In a huge twist, Glenda has just betrayed Chucky and impaled him with the pole. As Chucky demands to know why she just did that, Glenda is revealed to actually be the human and still alive Glen, Chucky's son from Seed of Chucky, who survived strangulation by Chucky's arm at the end. He explains that Glenda was never here, it has always been him in disguise with makeup and a new hairdo, leaving Tiffany speechless. He further reveals that both Karen and Kristin are alive in flashbacks. Back at Kristin's apartment, Glen is shown explaining the situation to Kristin and had told her to emerge when the time was right and faked her death with a fake corpse that looked like Kristin.

As for Karen, Glen had whispered to her "get a shotgun and come at a chemical factory quick" and had purposly thrown her on a truck with a mattress on the top which broke her fall and enabled her to survive. He was also the one who alerted the group of the attacks on Kyle and Karen. While she is still speechless, Jade seemingly knocks Tiffany out by slamming her head against the railing. Just then, Karen arrives with a shotgun and Kristin with a regular gun.Karen shoots Chucky away from Andy (she is using her unsnapped arm to hold her gun), allowing Kristin to untie him. As Chucky takes out the metal pole out of him, he admits he is impressed with Glen and encourages him to attack Karen and Kristin so he can carry on his legacy. Glen quickly refuses however and Chucky begins to chuckle. He then reveals that he actually knew all along that it was Glen and thought that he had gone insane and wanted to be like Glenda, so he just called him Glenda. Kristin is suddenly stabbed in the back and Karen's shotgun is grabbed by the real Glenda, now arriving at the scene. As Glenda kicks the other gun away, Glenda explains that Chucky had contacted her shortly after seeing Glen for the first time disguised as Glenda and told her about what happened. She let Glen seemingly kill Karen and Kristin and was very dissapointed to find out it as all a lie. She then proceeds to shoot Karen and prepares to shoot Jade. Before she can do so, Glenda is disarmed by Glen and they engage in a fight to the death. Andy pushes Chucky off the catwalk and grabs Chucky with him. Chucky falls into a vat of chemicals but Andy manages to avoid the vat and lands the floor. Tiffany awakens and fights Jade in a brutal hand to hand fight when she tries to leave to go help Glen (Jade became a trained martial artist after the events of Bride of Chucky). Andy survives his fall and wonders if Chucky also survived. Just then, Chucky emerges from the chemical vat, badly boiled, but still alive. Andy runs to look for a gun, knowing that Chucky would be slow due to the boiling. Glenda begins to overwhelm Glen due to him being weaker than Glenda and being armed with the metal pole and a knife while Glenda is armed with 2 axes. Kristin comes back in, pulls the knife out of her back and stabs Glenda in the stomach. Enraged, Glenda proceeds to hack away at Kristin with her axes and dismembers her, giving Glen time to recover. Glen proceeds to stab Glenda's back repeatingly while she is distracted with Kristin .

A heavingly wounded Glenda encourages Glen to finish her off but Glen, remembering Chucky encouraging him to kill him back in Seed of Chucky, refuses. Glen then offers to get her help and become a good person. Glenda pretends to accept as she reaches for an axe, Glen sees this coming and stabs Glenda in the chest, finishing her off. Glen stays at his sister's corpse and stares at it, not moving. Meanwhile, while fighting Tiffany, Jade stabs Tiffany in the leg with her own high heel. Tiffany and Jade inflict devastating hits on each other during their battle. Edventually, the girls continue to fight until Tiffany overwhelms Jade, pins her to the floor and repeatingly punches her in the face. Tiffany prepares to finish off the bloody and beaten Jade when she is suddenly stabbed in the chest by the adult Ronald Tyler (Andy's friend from the third film), suddenly arriving on the scene. He explains that he heard about the murders on the news and had gone to the factory after spotting Chucky and Tiffany taking him there. Tyler calls an ambulance for Jade and Karen. He then sees Chucky chasing Andy around, Tyler takes Glenda's gun on the catwalk and goes to help Andy. Andy can not find any weapons to shoot Chucky with and is cornered in a room. When Chucky is about to strike Tyler arrives and asks Chucky's if he remembers him. Chucky replies that he does and diverts his attention to Tyler. Tyler blows Chucky's head and both of his legs off,  forcing him to crawl. Andy then takes Tyler's gun to finish off Chucky. Chucky asks Andy to die with him, Andy quickly refuses and finally shoots Chucky to death. Glen arrives on the scene and sees his father dead, he requests that he be thrown back into the chemical vat, so he can be destroyed completely. Andy agrees and brings him to the vat he fell in. Before he gets thrown in, Glen asks where Tiffany, his mother is. Before Andy can reply, Tiffany suddenly emerges alive and bolts at the group, scaring Glen and Tyler, but not Andy. Andy then proceeds to shoot her with all but one of the remaining bullets in the shotgun, blowing her head apart and finally killing Tiffany. When they calm down, they decides to incinerate Chucky in Andy's fireplace as he intended to do in the beginning of the film instead. As they begin to leave, Glen wonders if anybody else is still alive. Glenda then bursts through a door and emerges alive. As Glenda prepares to attack, Andy shoots Glenda in the chest, she is then revealed to be wearing a bulletproof vest, explaining how she survived being stabbed in the chest earlier. Seeing the bodies of Chucky and Tiffany, she becomes incensed and nearly stabs Tyler to death in a fit of rage. Andy manages to get Glenda off of Tyler before she can finish. While Andy is holding on to Glenda, Glen slits Glenda's throat, finally finishing her off. When the survivors leave, Karen and Tyler are taken away in the ambulance and Glen and Andy take some time to know each other.

Andy and Glen explain their pasts to each other and Andy asks Glen if he would like Andy to raise him and become his son. Overjoyed to have a real family for once, Glen agrees to become Andy's son and the two hug. At Andy's house, Andy and Glen bring Chucky's remains to Andy's fireplace and throw him in. The two watch as Chucky's remains are completly incinerated, finally ending Chucky once and for all. In the aftermath 2 years later, Tyler and Karen have survived their injuries and Karen has retired. Tyler has moved away, saying that he would like to leave the past behind. Andy edventually married Jade and they have raised Glen as he and Andy agreed, and he narrates that they are much better parents then his last ones. The film ends with Glen living a happy life with his new parents and playing catch with them.

Deaths Edit

1. Rapist: knocked down and killed when Tiffany crushed his throat with her high heels

2. Mike Norris: shot in the chest and then shot in the heart by Chucky 

3. Kristin De Slivia (faked): bloodied corpse found by Chucky, corpse was fake and revealed to be alive later

4. Jack Santos: strangled to death by Chucky

5. Kyle: hand chopped off, larynx crushed and head blown up with an air hose by Chucky

6. Karen (faked): arm snapped by Tiffany and thrown out a 14 story window by "Glenda". revealed later to have landed on a materess truck and survived.

7. Kristin De Slivia (real): Kristin went to go help Glen with Glenda seeing he was being overwhelmed and she stabbed Glenda in the back. This accomplished both distracting and enraging Glenda which resulted in Kristin being hacked apart by Glenda with her two axes in a fit of rage.

8. Chucky: Chucky was pushed off the catwalk by Andy but he managed to grab Andy's leg so that they fell together into a chemical vat. Andy missed the chemical vat but Chucky fell into it and was boiled. However, Chucky refused to give up and he came on out and pursued Andy across the factory. As Chucky cornered Andy, Tyler showed up with Glenda's shotgun and asked Chucky if he remembers him. Chucky remembers Tyler and turns his attention to him instead of Andy. Tyler then blows Chucky's head and both of his legs off, now having to crawl to move. Andy takes the gun to finish Chucky off. Chucky then asks Andy to die with him, Andy refuses and shoots Chucky to death. After Tiffany and Glenda's deaths, his remains are incinerated at the fireplace, destroying him once and for all.

9. Tiffany: After Chucky and Andy fell off the catwalk, she attacked Jade when she tried to go help Glen with Glenda. The two fought in a brutal hand to hand fight where Jade stabbed Tiffany with her own high heel. After they both took some devastating hits, she edventually overwhelmed Jade. She pinned Jade to the floor and punched her repeatingly in the face. After doing so, as she was about to finish Jade off, she was suddenly stabbed in the chest by the now present Ronald Tyler. After Chucky's death, they were about to throw her into a chemical vat when Glen asked what happened to Tiffany. Before Andy could reply, she emerged alive, scaring Glen and Tyler, but not Andy. As she bolted at Andy, he blew her head apart with all remaining bullets in the shotgun (except one), finishing her off.

10. Glenda: She fought Glen in a fight to the death and was stabbed in the back by Kristin. She hacked her to death with the axes, distracting her enough for Glen to stab her repeatingly in the back. Glenda encourages Glen to finish her off, Glen remembers when Chucky encouraged him to finish him off back in Seed Of Chucky and refuses to do it again. Glen then offers to get her help and become a good person like he is. Glenda pretends to accept and reaches for her axe, but Glen sees it coming and stabs her in the chest. After Chucky and Tiffany's deaths, a still alive Glenda comes back in, who is now incensed at the deaths of her parents. Andy shoots her in the chest with the last bullet, she survives due to a bulletproof vest (explaining how she survived being stabbed earlier). Glenda nearly stabs Tyler to death in a fit of rage, but Andy gets Glenda off before she can finish. While Andy is holding Glenda, Glen slits her throat, finally killing Glenda.


Ronald Tyler, Andy Barclay, Karen Barclay, Jade and Glen.

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