Scream TNG 2 is a American slasher film written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven. Jessica killed her father's killer but a new Ghostface comes after her. Fifi is worried that it was Mimi who killed Judy Hicks not Bobby Landry.


  • Amber Heard As Jessica Mitchell
  • Emma Bell as Fifi Mone
  • KeKe Palmer as Sheronda Geords
  • Anthony Mackie As Det Ben Dennison
  • Florencia Lozano As Carmen Ramierez
  • Roger Haworth As Captain Victor Lawson
  • Emma Roberts As Brenda Nelsen
  • Jullianne Moore as Mary Lawson
  • Johnny Lewis As Donnie Moore
  • April Matson As Laura Klein
  • Shantel VanSanten as Cassidy Mitchell
  • Dean Collins As Jimmy Dawson
  • Anita Barone As Mrs Henderson
  • Wes Craven As Douglas Melvin


  • Jessica Mitchell
  • Fifi Mone
  • Ben Dennison
  • Carmen Ramirez
  • Victor Lawson
  • Mary Lawson
  • Sam Macher
  • Sheronda Geords


  • Brenda Nelsen-She was obsessed with Jill Roberts
  • Cassidy Mitchell-She was jealous of the attention her sister got.


  • Douglas Melvin- He was stabbed to death in his kitchen(Cassidy)
  • Mrs Henderson-She was in her car getting ready to start it when suddenly a knife came through her window and went through her neck,she was then dragged out of the car and stabbed many times (Cassidy) Brenda filmed it with a minicamera she had in her mask
  • Jimmy Dawson-He was knocked out and tied up to a chair he was shot in the groin and in the head for cheating on his girlfriend(Brenda)
  • Laura Klein-She was stabbed then pushed through her window she fell 10 floors to her death(Brenda
  • Donnie Moore- Cassidy's boyfriend he was knocked by brass knuckles then he was hung and the 2 ghostfaces took turns stabbing him untill he died(Cassidy and Brenda)
  • Brenda Nelsen-Casey wasn't killing people for the fame like Brenda was she shot her like Debbie Loomis shot Mickey.
  • Cassidy Mitchell-She was accidently stabbed to death by Jessica when they were struggling for a knife.


Jessica was horrified that her sister grew to hate her after their father's death, they had been so close when they were younger.Sam and Ben found a shrine to Jill Roberts in Brenda's room they also saw on her computer that she had saved the footage of the murders Jill and Charlie Walker had committed. Sam just shook his head because even though Jill had been dead for close to 6 years she just seemed to be getting more fans then ever.Fifi was arrested for Judy's murder when someone planted evidence in her car. Jessica is determinded to prove her friend's innocence,Fifi considered telling Jessica that she was a serial killer before she found out the truth from another source.