Scream:TNG 3 takes place after Scream:TNG 2. Jessica begins to look for Judy's real killer but she also has to deal with another Ghostface killer too. Fifi decides not to tell Jessica that she was a serial killer until the time is right.


  • Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell
  • Emma Bell as Fifi Mone
  • Matthew Lillard as Det. Sam Macher
  • Anthony Mackie as Det Ben Dennison
  • Florencia Lozano as Carmen Ramierez
  • Roger Haworth as Captain Victor Lawson
  • Milo Ventmiglia As Mark Addison
  • Doug Savant as Peter Boylan
  • Torian Bellisario As Darlene Calhoun
  • Mario Lopez as Luis Sanchez
  • Ali Landry-Emily Parsons
  • Lacey Chabert As Joanne Stevens
  • Sandra McCoy As Lisa Lopez


  • Jessica Mitchell
  • Fifi Mone
  • Det Sam Macher
  • Det Ben Dennison
  • Carmen Ramierez
  • Captain Victor Lawson


  • Peter Boylan- He was a business man who liked killing people for fun.
  • Mark Addison-He was Peter's protege at work and at serial killing.


  • Luis Sanchez- He was attacked with a machete and hacked to pieces. (Peter)
  • Lisa Lopez-She was attacked and butchered in her bed as she was lying in her bed reading.(Mark)
  • Joanne Stevens-She didn't know anything about horror movies so she was hung and stabbed repeatly by both Ghostfaces(Peter and Mark)
  • Emily Parsons-She was attacked in her office late at night then she tied up to her chair and pushed through her window on the 10th floor to her death (Peter)
  • Darlene Calhoun-She was killed in her kitched while she cooked dinner for her children who were upstairs in their watching TV. She had her head bashed in with a hammer (Mark)
  • Peter Boylan-He was killed by Mimi when she bashed him in the head with a shovel when he was explaining to Jessica how he always wanted to kill a final girl ever since he saw Halloween in 1980.She switched back to being Fifi quickly before Jessica noticed.
  • Mark Addison-Jessica killed him when she pushed him into a power box and then turned on the power.


Fifi was released to Sam Macher's custody early in the movie he told her he believed she was innocent of Judy's murder and that he wouldn't stop till he found out the truth,she was happy to have Jessica and Sam on her side. Jessica was sent a e-mail saying Fifi Mone was a Ghostface serial killer and if she didn't believe it she should Google it.It is shown that Judy's killer is a mysterious young woman.