Scream: TNG 5 takes place after Scream: TNG 4,Jessica must battle another Ghostface who goes after her and her friends. Kirby continues her plan to make it look like Fifi killed Judy and is planning to kill more people.Jessica meets Fifi's psychotic alter ego Mimi.


Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell

Emma Bell as Fifi/Mimi Mone

Hayden Panetierre as Kirby Reed

Matthew Lillard as Det Sam Macher

Florencia Lozano as Det Carmen Ramierez

Roger Haworth as Captain Victor Lawson

Monica Keena as Emily Prescott

Paul Wesley as Dan Wallace

Daveigh Chase-Sandy Dunham

Brittany Snow-Buffy Simmons

Julian Morris-Steve Ellison


Jessica Mitchell

Fifi Mone

Det Sam Macher

Det Carmen Ramierez

Captain Victor Lawson


Emily Prescott-Sidney's cousin, Kirby told her that Fifi/Mimi tried to kill Sidney and wanted to kill her too.


Steve Ellison-Emily killed him because Fifi had a crush on him and he didn't feel the same way about her,so she made it look like Fifi killed him because of that fact.

Buffy Simmons-She was Jessica's friend Emily killed her to make it look like Fifi had snapped and killed her for no reason.

Sandy Dunham-Fifi had a argument with her about a half hour before Emily killed her.

Dan Wallace-Emily killed him for the same reason she killed Buffy.

Emily Prescott-Mimi killed her when she emerged after Emily explained to Jessica and Fifi, why she was framing Fifi she wanted to protect her cousin Sidney from a monster like Fifi.


Jessica was horrified to see the look on Fifi's look after she killed Emily,she had a sick and evil smile on her face but then it soften and she said don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you Fifi likes you.She said I'm Mimi as you may have guessed she said, Mifi then said how she came to be after Sidney's other cousin the evil Jill Roberts killed her family.