Scream: TNG 6 takes place after Scream: TNG 5,Jessica doesn't trust and is scare of Fifi espicially after she killed Sidney's psycho cousin so brutally,but she still thinks Fifi is innocent of Judy's murder and is being framed for the crime by some twisted mastermind.She goes to talk to Sam about her theory but she is attacked by a Ghostface killer before she can leave her house luckily she survives.Fifi's grandparents and older annoying brother come to visit her.Kirby Reed is not in this one.


Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell

Emma Bell as Fifi Mone

Matthew Lillard as Det Sam Macher

Florencia Lozano as Det Carman Ramirez

Roger Haworth as Captain Victor Lawson

Danielle Panabaker As Melanie Robinson

Kay Panabaker As Nicole Robinson

Freddie Prinze Jr As Joe Garrison

Valentino Lanus-Manuel Landa

Jeff Bridges as Grandpa Luke Mone

Susan Sarandon as Grandma Phoebe Mone

Kyle Lowder as Mike Mone

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Jennifer Ashmore

Bridgette Wilson-Sampras as Marcia Robinson

Travis Van Winkle-Tony Wilcox

Abigail Breslin- Lisa Brennan

Amber Tamblyn-Olivia Neilsen

Hunter Parrish-Hank Quinton


Jessica Mitchell

Fifi Mone and the rest of the Mone family

Sam Macher

Carmen Ramirez

Victor Lawson

Jennifer Ashmore


Nicole Robinson-She was just a psychotic teenager who liked to kill people like her idol Jill Roberts.

Melanie Robinson-She did it because it helped her and Nicole bond.


Lisa Brennan-She was killed later the same night Jessica was attacked. She was stbbed in the stomach and in the heart then she was hung and had her stomach sliced open.(Nicole and Melanie)

Joe Garrison-He had a knife shoved in the side of his head.(Melanie)

Hank Quinton-He was knocked out and tied up to a chair and was pushed out a window. (Nicole)

Olivia Neilsen- She was stabbed in the heart.(Melanie)

Manuel Landa-He was crushed when a book case was dropped on him.(Nicole and Melanie)

Tony Wilcox-He had his throat slit then he had one of his eyes taken out with a knife. (Melanie)

Marcia Robinson-She was shot to death by an unmasked Nicole in front of a horrifed Jessica and Fifi.

Nicole Robinson-She is killed Sam Macher when she tries to attack Fifi.

Melanie Robinson-She is killed by Jessica after she admitted she was the one who attacked her not Nicole.She hated Jessica because everyone thought she was so great and it made her sick.


Fifi was thrilled to see her grandparents and older brother,she told them she was feeling better and that she had been able to keep Mimi from coming out, which was a lie but she didn't want them to worry that she was sick again. Jessica was able to tell Sam her theory that she thought that Fifi was being framed when she recovered from her attack,he had also come to the conclusion but he had no idea who would want to frame her because everyone who would want revenge against her was dead.