Scream: TNG 7 takes place after Scream: TNG 6. Kirby Reed and Fifi Mone's stories come to a sad and tragic end.


Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell

Emma Bell as Fifi/Mimi Mone

Hayden Panetierre as Kirby Reed

David Arquette as Sheriff Dewey Riley

Matthew Lillard as Det Sam Macher

Florencia Lozano as Det Carmen Ramirez

Roger Haworth as Captain Victor Lawson

Anton Yelchin as Drake Mone/Harry Luiz

Heather Locklear As Victoria Reed

Peter Sarsgaard as Paul Ryan

Arianne Zucker as Missy Ryan

Rachel Miner as Beverly Kingston

Solange Knowles as Connie Jamison

Corbin Bleu as Kenny Samuels

Valery M Ortiz as Maddy Ruiz


Sidney Prescott

Jessica Mitchell

Dewey Riley

Fifi/Mimi -In a coma

Connie Jamison

Det Sam Macher

Det Camen Ramirez

Captain Victor Lawson


Kirby Reed-She decides it's time to end the games and to kill Fifi,but first she goes after her friends.


Maddy Ruiz-Kirby kills when she get a question wrong during the trivia game.

Kenny Samuels-Kirby stabs him in the back then slits his throat when he knocks Connie's door for their date.

Beverly Kingston-Kirby chases her Beverly to her roof and then stabs her in the stomach she then pushed her off the roof.

Missy Ryan-Kirby runs up and stabs her in the heart after her and her husband Paul had left

left Drake Mone/Harry Luiz's house.

Paul Ryan-Kirby stabs him in the heck and forehead when he tries to save Missy.

Victoria Reed-A unmasked and insane Kirby shoots her mother when she finds out Victoria is dating Drake Mone.

Drake Mone/Harry Luiz-Fifi's long lost father,Kirby stabs him in the chest and then rips it open in fron to a horrified Fifi who is tied up to a chair next to Sidney and Jessica.

Kirby Reed-Mimi emerges when Kirby goesto untie Fifi and drag her over to her father's body so she can what his insides look like,she suddenly grabs a knife that was on a table and stbas Kirby, they stab eachother viciously untill they both drop to the floor seemly dead.A couple of minutes later a badly wounded Kirby gets up and tries to finsh off Fifi who is lying seemly motionless on the floor but suddenly Mimi grabs her knife and stabs her in the chest she then collapses back onto the floor.


Dewey and Sam arrive and check the bodies on the floor and they see Kirby is almost dead and Fifi is alive but unresponsive ,Dewey unties Sidney and Jessica,Kirby looks at Sidney who has walked over to where she is laying on the floor and says I'm sorry I never meant to hurt you she then dies. Jessica is crying and telling Fifi to please wake up but she won't the EMT comes and takes her away. The next day the doctor tells Sidney and Jessica that Fifi is in a coma. Sidney goes to call Fifi's grandparents and brother to tell them about what happened to her.Later on Sidney,Dewey and Sam all talk about Kirby they are upset that they didn't notice the pain she was in she had lost alot of friends thanks to Jill and Fifi. She really couldn't understand how they ouldn't blame Fifi for what Mimi did since they were the same person.Sidney says the sad thing is that in a way Jill won because she destroyed 2 more lives from the grave Fifi and Kirby.