Scream: TNG 8 takes place after Scream: TNG 7, Ethan and Brianna came to Maryland to see Fifi who is still in a coma, but when a new Ghostface came in, they need to stop him.


Amber Heard As Jessica Mitchell

Matthew Knight as Ethan Carsia

Ellen Wroe as Brianna Albertson

Lisa Wilcox as Det. Natalie Carmen

Matthew Lillard as Det Sam Macher

Brooke Theiss as Det Debbie Macher

Ryan Gosling as Hank Rollins

Jonah Hill as Casey Hughes

Blake Lively as Carrie Donaldson

Rooney Mara as Mia Andrews

Ron Melendez as Percy Brooks

Christa B Allen as Ginger Long


Jessica Mitchell

Ethan Carsia

Brianna Albertson

Det. Natalie Carmen

Det Sam Macher

Det Debbie Macher


Carrie Donaldson-She was a Mickey Alteri fan ,she wanted to get caught and go to trial too,she was sure that the jury would feel sorry for her because she had a horrible childhood.

Casey Hughes-He was a Stab movie fan and he wanted to make a new one but it would be real.


Ginger Long-She is at home cooking dinner when he has her head shoved onto the stove the killer turns up the knob to high burning half her face then she then she has her throat slashed.(Carrie)

Percy Brooks-He is stabbed in the back of the head with a knife. ( Casey)

Mia Andrews-She is attacked and gutted after the killer jumps out of her closet while she is getting undressed.(Carrie)

Hank Rollins-He is stabbed in the chest and then right in the heart (Casey)

Carrie Donaldson-She is killed when her Jessica fall out of a window while fighting she accidently stabbed herself when she landed on the ground

Casey Hughes-He is killed by Ethan when he grabs a gun that was in his father desk drawer and shoots him when Casey charged at him with a knife.


Jessica,Ethan and Brianna got good some news about Fifi's condition the doctor's said that her condition was improving and it was possible that she could come out of her coma soon.