Scream: The Mystery of Ghostface takes place after Scream: The Legend of Ghostface. Fifi is now in the hospital, Melinda and Hayley must find out about Ghostface.


  • Emma Roberts as Melinda Roberts
  • Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald
  • KeKe Palmer as Sheronda Geords
  • Matt Shivley as Kyle Romero
  • Miranda Cosgrove as Tamika Lawrence
  • Victoria Justice as Sara James
  • Dakota Fanning as Tami Jones
  • Robbie Amnell as Tyler Fox
  • Shanica Knowles as Brandi Cowlin
  • Lucas Gabreel as Jamie Hensley
  • Leon Thomas III as Tyrone Jackson
  • Matthew Lillard as Det Sam Macher
  • Jesse Eisenberg-Paul Willson


Melinda Roberts

Hayley McDonald

Det. Sam Macher

Sheronda Geords

Paul Willson


Sara James-She was jealous of Melinda's popularity and wanted to frame her for the murders. She wanted everyone to think Melinda was psycho just like her twin sister Jill.

Kyle Romero-Was a film geek like Charlie Walker,he filmed the murders.He only was took part in the first murder.


Jamie Hensley-Sara and Kyle

Brandi Cowlin-Sara

Tamika Lawrence-Sara

Tyler Fox-Sara

Tami Jones- Sara

Tyrone Jackson-Sara

Kyle Romero-Hayley

Sara James-Melinda


This was the first movie in which Melinda faced some hostlity when she was the main suspect in the murders, there were people telling her that she was just like her twin sister a sick psycho and that she should kill herself. Melinda also recieved a letter from Professor McKenzie saying there is only one to end the curse of Ghostface.


After Sheronda and Paul thank her, Melinda thought about leaving Woodsboro but Sam Macher convinced her to stay because this was her home and that she should ignore the ignorant people they were always going to think whatever they wanted he went through the same thing when he came back to Woodsboro because of Stu.He said overtime they will come to like and trust you. At the end of the movie Melinda has a nightmare about Jill.She wakes up and we see Melinda open up one of Jill's closets and she finds a Ghostface costume hidden there,She takes it out looks at it and smiles like Jill.

Movie Scream: The Mystery of Ghostface
Protagonist Melinda Roberts
Best Friend Hayley McDonald and Det. Sam Macher
Phoned Target Sheronda Geords
Target's Friend Tamika Lawrence
Protagonist's Boyfriend Paul Willson
Guilty Film Fanatic Kyle Romero
Innocent Film Geek Jamie Hensley
Protagonist's Mother Kate Roberts
Antagonist Sara James