Scream 11 takes place after Scream 10. Ghostface is back and is after a 17 year old girl name Jackie. It's up to Fifi and Hayley to stop Ghostface once and for all.


  • Emma Bell as Fifi Mone
  • Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald
  • Selena Gomez as Jackie Lever
  • Demi Lovato as Addie Harris.
  • Dakota Fanning as Kelsey Camenas
  • Kirsten Storms as Kim Porter
  • Alex Jones as Bob Pomer
  • Gary Cole as Mr Sims
  • Christy Romano-Carlson as Sidney Preston
  • Will Friedle as Ron Dugan
  • Eileen Boylan as Kylie Sims
  • Thomas Gibson as FBI Agent Greg Turner
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Peter Lever
  • Victoria Justice as Kimberly Coleman
  • Jason Dolley as Lucas Lorger


  • Fifi Mone
  • Hayley McDonald
  • Jackie Lever


Kelsey Camenas-She became obsessed with Jill Roberts after reading Sidney's 2nd book which was called Jill.

Ron Dugan-He used to hang around with Billy Loomis and Stu Macher untill his family moved 1 year before the 1st Woodsboro Massacre


Lucas Lorger-Kelsey

Kimberly Coleman-Kelsey

Bob Pomer-Ron

Mr. Sims-Ron

Kim Porter-Kelsey

Peter Lever-Ron

Kylie Sims-Ron

Sidney Preston-Kelsey

FBI Agent Greg Turner-Ron

Addie Harris-Kelsey

Ron Dugan-Hayley

Kelsey Camenas-Hayley and Fifi


Everything is back to normal. Jackie went to college to get a good grade and Fifi went to Paris for her vacation. After college, Jackie visit Fifi in Woodsboro. Fifi introduce Jackie to her friend, Kirby Reed. After Jackie left to travel all around the world, helping animals in the forest, Fifi went to her family's grave, then her old friends graves, then to Jill Roberts. Fifi wish she would meet Jill in person. Fifi was happy that everything is back to normal. Before Fifi went home, she goes to see Sidney Prescott then they burn the Ghostface costume so no one won't be able to wear it again. Fifi went home, safe, calm, and brave.


Emma Bell also played Molly Harper in Final Destination 5, she was about to go to Paris with her boyfriend, Sam, but Flight 180 exploded killing her.

R.I.P to the followingEdit

Maureen Prescott

Neil Prescott

Kate Roberts

Frank Roberts

Tami Carsia

Lizzy Mone

Jimmy Mone

Peter Lever

Steven Orth

Rebecca Davis

Marcie Collins

Randy Nichols

Casey Becker

Tatum Riley

Maureen Evans

Candace Knight

Phil Stevens

Derek Feldman

Hallie McDaniel

Randy Meeks

Brandon James

James Walker

Casey Cooper

Marnie Cooper

Henry Coop

Wilson Fletcher

Christine Hamilton

Steven Stone

Jenny Randall

Olivia Morris

Rebecca Walters

Robbie Mercer

Trevor Sheldon

Mark Kincaid

Jessie Hicks

Lainey Haines

Julie Morris

Kirk Loner

Richard Mosses

Ruby Higgies

Boyd Miller

Logan Davies

Lily Andrews

Mike Bell

Sarah Feed

Chloe Patterson

Rachel Miles

David Reed

Megan Reed

Lisa Wilcox

Melinda Carson

Alex Peters

Douglas Lawerence

Julie White

Jackie Thomas

Danielle Roberts

Dominque Adams

Joel Adams

Michelle Adams

Nancy Wist

Micheal Rover

Alice Nightingale

Tina Sheldon

Sophie Taylor

Daniel Bowen

Oliver Timan

Polly Ginaer

June Acher

Keke Withon

Ursula Erina

Vanassa Lono

Jamie Sango

Poppy Dene

Timmy Vener

Lucas Lorger

Kimberly Coleman

Bob Pomer

Mr. Sims

Kim Porter

Kylie Sims

Sidney Preston

FBI Agent Greg Turner

Addie Harris

The initial cast of Stab 3 including Cotton Weary

All those who gave their lives in the Woodsboro Police Departments.

And to all the others lost during the 20 year span of the Ghostface Murders

Movie Scream 11
Protagonist Fifi Mone
Best Friend Hayley McDonald
Phoned Target Jackie Lever
Target's Friend Sidney Preston
Protagonist's Boyfriend FBI Agent Greg Turner
Guilty Film Fanatic Ron Dugan
Innocent Film Geek Addie Harris.
Protagonist's Mother Lizzy Mone
Antagonist Kelsey Camenas