Scream 12 is American slasher film it was written by Kevin Williamson and Directed by Wes Craven. Bobby Logan is dead but someone wants to continue his story.



  • Hayley McDonald
  • Melinda Roberts
  • Det Sam Macher


Rebecca Shaw-She was Bobby Logan's ex girlfriend who wanted revenge for his death.

Candice Rice-She really had no motive she did it because it was fun.


  • Mr. Lever-Rebecca and Candice
  • Miss. Lever Rebecca
  • Jackie Lever-Rebecca
  • Victor Cruz-Candice
  • Melissa Logan Rebecca
  • Candice Rice-Hayley
  • Rebecca Shaw-Melinda and Sam


Melinda is very different from her twin sister ,but there is one thing that Sam found out about Melinda she isn't afraid of the killers and she welcomes the chalenges.That impressed him because he knew there would be more killers coming after her and he was glad to see that she was ready for them.Him and her are similar they both were trying to make up for their twins did. Stu may not have killed as many as Melinda's twin sister Jill did but his and Billy Loomis killing spree is what started all of this and he was determinded to end the Ghostface killings no matter how long it took him.

Movie Scream 12
Protagonist Melinda Roberts
Best Friend Hayley McDonald, Det. Sam Macher, and Jackie Lever
Phoned Target Miss. Lever
Target's Friend Mr. Lever
Protagonist's Boyfriend Victor Cruz
Guilty Film Fanatic Candice Rice
Innocent Film Geek Melissa Logan
Protagonist's Mother Kate Roberts
Antagonist Rebecca Shaw