Scream 16 takes place after Scream 15, with Fifi upset that her new friends, Sarah Feed, Nancy Wist, and Jackie Lever, are dead and Mimi killing everybody. Ghostface returns and it's up to Fifi, Hayley and Kirby to stop him.


Emma Bell as Fifi Mone

Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald

Hayden Panetierre As Kirby Reed

Matthew Lillard As Det Sam Macher

Marley Shelton As Judy Hicks

Kelley Missal as Denise Curtis

Jonathan Jackson as Spencer Dillion

Agnes Bruckner as Olivia Morgan

Shawn Ashmore as Ben Malone

Holly Marie Combs as Hillary James

Perry Shan-Tyler Lu


Fifi Mone

Hayley McDonald

Kirby Reed

Det. Sam Macher

Judy Hicks


Olivia Morgan-She is a rival of Fifi's from the hospital,she wants Fifi to think Mimi has returned to kill again.


Tyler Lu-Olivia Kills him a couple of hours after he had an argument with Fifi.

Hillary James-Olivia kills her in her basement she tried go out the back door but Olivia grabs her and rams her knife into her neck then mouth.

Ben Malone-Olivia stabs him in the back in then dumps a TV on him on him as he is trying to crawl away.

Spencer Dillian-Olivia rams his head into a mirror then uses a glass shard from the mirror to slit his throat.

Denise Curtis-Olivia closes the top of the swimming pool where she is swimming drowning her

Olivia Morgan-During the confrontation Olivia and Fifi, Mimi emerges and brutally kills Olivia kills she slices her stomach opens then rips her guts outs.


Fifi finally leaves Woodboro like she had planned to do a few days earlier and moves to Maryland,She also now knows it's going to be a struggle to control Mimi.Unbeknowst to Fifi Judy Hicks has also moved to the same city in Maryland.

Movie Scream 16
Protagonist Fifi Mone and Hayley McDonald
Best Friend Kirby Reed, Det. Sam Macher, and Judy Hicks
Phoned Target
Target's Friend
Protagonist's Boyfriend