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Scream 5 takes place after Scream 4, a new Ghostface is after Hayley, Sidney and they friends and neighbors. They must stop them before it's too late.


Fifi Mone is watching Stab 6 while her cousin Ethan Carsia and one of his friends Kirk Loner are doing a food eating contest and they fight over a cotten candy. The phone rings, Ethan's friend and crush, Hayley McDonald, answers it, Ghostface talks to Hayley for a little while, then she got scared and gives the phone to Fifi. She freaks out and hangs up the phone. Then she heard a noise outside and finds Micheal Rover hitting the house. Micheal tolds Fifi to find his lucky hat in the basement, while in the basement, Fifi got scared by a puppet clown which was a prank from Micheal, but he was cutted offline. Fifi went upstairs to see if Micheal is okay. He was gutted up and tied to a chair. Fifi faints. So after, Ethan and Fifi's mothers, Tami Carsia and Lizzy Mone, along with Fifi's brother and sister, Jimmy and Sally Mone, went up to Fifi if she was okay. Fifi told the whole story about what happened. Ethan, Hayley and Kirk went outside to check on Fifi. It wasn't okay. The title appeared with the letter S changing into the number 5.


Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Emma Bell as Fifi Mone

David Arquette as Dewey Riley

Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers-Riley

Patrick Dempsey as Det. Mark Kincaid

Ashley Roberts as Sally Mone

Matthew Knight as Ethan Carsia

Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed

Amanda Righetti as Trixie Sango

Tiffany Thortan as Candace Knight

Chance Crawford as Lloyd McDonald

Mackenzie Foy as Brooke McDonald

Rutina Wesley as Marcie Perkins

Shia LaBeouf as Daniel Bowen

David Henrie as Jimmy Mone

Noah Cyrus as Brianna Albertson

Carlo Marks as Henry Coop

Abigail Breslin as Alice Nightingale

Ashley Greene as Sophie Taylor

Kristen Dunst as Ruby Higgies

Zachary Abel as Kirk Loner

Matt O'Leary as Richard Mosses

Lisa Wilcox as Det. Natalie Carmen

Billy West as Captian Joe Parker

Sharon Stone as Lizzy Mone

Elle Fanning as Missy Gibson

Maisie Smith as Young Hayley McDonald

Peyton R. List as Young Alice Nightingale

Sierra McCormick as Young Fifi Mone

Chloe Moretz as Young Sally Mone

Zachary Gordon as Young Jimmy Mone

Jessica Lucas as Tina Sheldon

Allison Janney as Tami Carsia

Ciara Bravo as Annie Carsia

Bobby Campo as Micheal Rover

Mark Hamill as Darren McFernan


Sidney Prescott

Hayley McDonald

Ethan Carsia

Brianna Albertson

Missy Gibson

Natalie Carmen

Fifi Mone

Kirby Reed

Lloyd McDonald

Brooke McDonald

Dewey Riley

Gale Weathers-Riley

Marcie Perkins

Annie Carsia

Mark Kincaid


Sally Mone-Sally wants to be famous like Sidney.

Trixie Sango-Trixie wants revenge on Sidney for being so famous.


Micheal Rover-Gutted

Ruby Higgies-Stabbed in the back 7 times

Kirk Loner-Stabbed in the stomach

Richard Mosses-Throat slit

Tami Carsia-Gutted

Darren-Shot in the Brain

Lizzy Mone-Stabbed in the back, then stabbed in the heart. The body seen later by Alice before her death.

Alice Nightingale-Dies in tractor harrows is same one Jamie Lloyd dies in Halloween 6 and stabbed in heart

Tina Sheldon- Stabbed in back 9 time while Fifi watches her die

Henry Coop-Stabbed in the shoulder, then stabbed in the chest 4 times in jail.

Jimmy Mone-Stabbed in the back 10 times

Candace Knight-Throat slit

Sophie Taylor- Stabbed in the shoulder 2 time and stabbed in the back 14 time and was throws out the bedroom window like Daniel, naked.

Daniel Bowen- Stabbed in the back 18 time and was throws out the bedroom window like Sophie, naked.

Sally Mone-Shot in the chest by Natalie and shot in the heart by Sidney

Trixie Sango-Stab in back when Hayley, Sidney, Fifi, Brooke and Natalie, Stab in back 24 time, stab in the stomach 5 time, stab in the shoulder 2 time, beat her, stab in right arm and left arm, stab in right hand 2 time and left hand 2 time, stab in the chest 2 time in Stab a Thon by Hayley



Ethan, Hayley, Kirby, Fifi and Marcie decided to go to college with Lloyd

Sidney decided to go on a world tour of her new book

Dewey and Gale decided to stay in Woodsboro to raise children

Brooke stays at Woodsboro and starts middle school

Natalie decided to keep Woodsboro safe

Annie goes to her and Ethan's dad

Brianna and Missy are going to make a movie to show everybody how horror movies are cool

Movie Scream 5
Protoganist Hayley McDonald
Best Friend Marcie Perkins, Alice Nightingale, and Sophie Taylor
Phoned Target Fifi Mone
Target's Friend Ruby Higgies
Protoganist's Boyfriend Daniel Bowen
Guilty Film Fanatic Sally Mone
Innocent Film Geek Ethan Carsia and Brianna Albertson
Protoganist's Mother Amelia McDonald
Antagonist Trixie Sango
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